Game season in full flow

From the middle of August leading into December, game is hunted in the UK and is served at Grassington House in tantalising dishes.

Executive Chef, John Rudden, talks the big game…

Q. What do you love about cooking with game?

It's an amazing local seasonal ingredient with a great autumnal taste.

Q. What do you like about eating it?

It’s rich, but not too gamey. At Grassington House, we never hang game, we enable it to create a soft subtle taste, and match it with flavours such as Grouse with confit local beetroot, celeriac two ways and wild mushrooms girolle.

We preserve the flavour in the grouse by cooking it at 60 degrees for seven minutes and then pan frying for a few minutes. It has been extremely popular with guests over the last two weeks since we have been serving it.

Pheasant and partridge will feature on the menu as soon as the season starts in the next month or so.

Did you know…?

  • No game may be killed or taken in any country in England and Wales on a Sunday or Christmas Day.
  • Orders prohibiting the shooting of wildfowl on Sundays still exist in almost 20 counties in England and Wales
  • Hunting has been practiced in Britain since prehistoric times, a crucial activity of hunter-gatherer societies
  • Game meat refers to the meat from any land animal that is hunted for food, and is not typically raised on farms.